The PD Media Lab is on fire with Warming Trends

WT site 300x216 The PD Media Lab is on fire with Warming TrendsAnother launch by the PD Media Lab went live today. Warming Trends, a fireplace and hearth shop in Santa Rosa, has a new web presence at

Their new website features the many products they offer and allows customers to view the manufacturers’ websites for each of these products.

A photo gallery and blog also highlight the new Warming Trends website. The photo gallery features photos of actual products they have sold after they’ve been installed. Customers get a good sense of the quality of products they sell and work they do.

The design of the website is another highlight with warm inviting colors reminiscent of a soothing fireplace and slider images with many unique designs and products.

Have a look at the new web launch for Warming Trends and click here to get started on your own website today.

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