Go play a game!

Do you want to market better, improve your problem solving abilities and save the world?

Go play a game!

game playing thumb Go play a game!Perhaps when you were younger and you had an important project to complete, the adults in your life told you to stop playing games and get to work.

Well, guess what? A new look at game playing by marketers, business consultants and experts is showing us just how important game playing is.

Gamificationis “using game mechanics to increase customer loyalty and engagement.”

Games are fun. People want to have fun and letting users have fun will make you more memorable. Being memorable is what attracts and retains customers.

Marty Smith, in the “Gamification White Paper” writes:

games are fun thumb Go play a game!We live in a world of games. Did you open your frequent flyer statement today? How close are you to a free coffee at Starbucks? These common games are marketers using game theory to increase and appreciate customer loyalty. Gamification is HOT because it works.

And gamification is also hot because Internet marketers have a new appreciation for loyal customers.

Another part of the attraction of games is the competition. People love contests because they love comparing themselves to others. Active Trainer, one of several online training websites, is one of the top 1,000 sites in the United States.

Games are good for problem solving for or both individuals and groups.

In his book “Gamestorming”, the well-known management consultant Dave Gray tells us:

Playing games can help us “gamestorm” solutions to challenging problems.

Gamestorming is using game play to “make apparent a variety of possible paths towards the fuzzy goal.”

How does gamestorming help solve challenging problems? Gamestorming brings out your passion and helps you avoid boring business as usual.

Jane McGonigal, a leading game developer tells us that “Gaming can make a better world”.

But isn’t gaming bad for you? Isn’t it warping the minds of our youth? Not according to Steven Johnson, who writes in Everything Bad Is Good For Youthat gaming is teaching us the skills we need to function and problem solve in a connected world.

In fact, it is gaming that is helping to connect that world. According to Gamification Facts & Figures145,000,000 people in the United States play games. By the way, those folks who love to play games are your prospective and current customers.

So do you want to make your marketing more effective, improve your problem solving abilities and save the world?

Then go play a game. Maybe you’ll experience your own epic win.

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