Not Scrooged, but Scroogled?

In the Bing vs. Google power struggle, the Christmas holiday is providing a fresh opening line of attack.

Seizing onto Google Shopping’s policy that merchants are paying for results in the product listings and that those who don’t pay are excluded, Bing has used that as a campaign against the search giant.

They’re calling it, “Have You Been Scroogled?”, which may or may not be amusing to you. Here’s their video clip of the effects on Joe and Jane Consumer. (Note that it’s posted on YouTube, which happens to be a Google site. Wonder whether it’ll stay up there during the holiday season?

At least in Bing’s perspective, this is an issue. From the way Google often treats these kinds of attacks, it’s chatter from the peanut gallery.

And Bing’s own shopping site has this policy: “Paid offers will be highlighted throughout Bing Shopping, including search result and product pages.”

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