Email Marketing

newsletter 300x170 Email MarketingEmail marketing is an important tool in your website and business marketing toolkit. More businesses are using email marketing as a cost effective tool to help them connect with their current and potential clients and customers.

Increasing your customer retention rate is only one of the advantages of using email marketing as one of your marketing channels.

Your email marketing campaigns can be easily tracked through Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. This can affect and alter your bottom line.

At the PD Media Lab we can offer you help with all aspects of your email marketing efforts.

If you already have an email marketing service we can work with your existing service. If you don’t we can set you up.

From adding newsletter subscribe forms to your website to designing a custom email marketing template for YOUR business and building matching landing pages, the PD Media Lab can support you in every step of the process.

You remain in control. Our level of involvement in your email marketing efforts is up to you. We can manage the email marketing process for you or simply provide email marketing best practices and strategies. Whether it is writing text for your emails or designing custom landing pages for your campaigns, PD Media Lab has the expertise and resources in-house to assist you.

Just ask Dan Friedman, owner of The Hot Tub Store with 5 locations in the North Bay area. Dan is very excited about the email blasts he has sent out to his subscriber list. He says “I have been doing email marketing for years. Since working with the PD Media Lab they redesigned my email marketing landing page and my conversion rate shot up to 10%.” In one campaign, Dan sent out 3,500 emails and received 50 clicks to his “request a quote” landing page.

Contact the PD Media Lab today to learn how you can increase sales and leads generated for your business.